About Josie

Here’s what Josie says about herself:

  • Single mother and co-creator of the awesomest boy on Earth!
  • Retired WBFF & IFBB Fitness/Glamour model & professional competitor
  • Extraordinary translator, really, no kidding, I’m THAT good!
  • Polyglot/Epicurean/Foodie (maybe a bit of a food snob though…)
  • Shopaholic/Shoe freak (NOT a sneaker-head… sneakers are just part of the shoe family, and I do not discriminate)
  • Overachiever/Type A personality…. in rehab.

Here’s what her friends say about her:

  • In private she swears like a sailor, but in public she’s all lady-like and stuff
  • Betty Crocker by day…Pamela by night

What the newspaper The Gazette says about her:

The Gazette, December 2007

The Gazette, December 2007


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