**Warning, in this post I swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God! If you can’t handle it, click here **

Part 1, At the amateur level

Supplements, AAS and Peptides have long been a hush-hush subject in the bodybuilding and fitness world, the truth is 95% of competitive athletes use some kind of “under the counter” supplements, and EVERY professional athlete do so!

I’ll go further and will tell you that the biggest AAS users are actually the muscles guys you see hanging in bars or at the beach every weekend NOT the athletes you see busting their asses daily at the gym.

Every so called tested federation only test athletes that obviously are not using anything.

I’ve been a promoter for such federations, the WBFF, to name only one, and I will tell you that the tested federations will tell the bigger men in advance, how much they want them and will test in guys in novice categories, so it looks good on paper. There is no such thing as a real tested federation!

Now what about women, will you ask? My answer will remain the same! Every single woman competing will tell you they are natural. The main reason being shame.

But they aren’t!

I have that one woman friend competing at the Olympia, we are talking about the highest level of competitive bodybuilding here, and she keeps telling me, she “only” used Anavar. He voice is deeper than a lot of men I know and she has a square jaw. Anavar does NOT do that.

Why do I know?
Because I have used Anavar, as have ALL my fellow competitive fitness/figure girls. We have all bought from the same source, at the same time, and discussed our side effects between us over a low-carb dinner wishing we could drink wine.

I can even tell you that we ALL discussed upping the dosage or moving to a stronger product like Winstrol (in tablet form of course)

I ventured into the AAS world without knowing so, and against my will. I’m a daughter of a homeopath, when I started making money I started eating organic and grass fed beef.

But when my son was about 4 months old, I was still breastfeeding, and was starting a new contest preparation. My coach, at the time, told me to use a product call Stanol from a lab called Promatrix. She said it was a prohormone and perfectly legal, but not to tell anyone. (if you can read French, you can do a search and see people arguing that it is NOT AAS but prohormones)  It should have ring a bell, isn’t it? But at this time, my coach was like guru to me, I literally drank her words, when she told me to jump, I would ask “how high?” The only thing that stopped me, was that I refused to take anything while breastfeeding. And I do mean anything! Even protein was out of the question.

However, about 2 months later, I stopped breastfeeding and stopped by the supplement store with the list of all the products my coach told me to get. There were 2 products on that list from Promatrix, one was called Stanol the other Clenbutrx, I know AAS users will laugh out loud, but I had absolutely no idea these were AAS, after all my coach told me they were PROHORMONES (whatever that meant).

In just one month, the changes in my body have been phenomenal!! I was sooooo happy! I credited my hard work but also the fact that I stopped breastfeeding for the fast changes. My shoulders had developed like never before, I had shoulder caps, I could not believe my eyes.

That year, in 2006, every women competing with this coach came out a winner, we were all the most improved physiques of any team, that coach was known to bring only winning physiques to the stage….

And then the shit hit the fan!!

A story about Promatrix came out on CBC, and we ALL learned we were taking AAS.

Call us dumb, we do deserve it, I sooooo do. None of us researched what we were taking. We all merely listened to what we were told! One of us only had one kidney, you can understand how damaging it could have been for all of us, but her more than anyone else. It could have been life threatening. Needless to say, we all left that coach!

We all left her. She was almost thrown out of the gym, not for selling AAS, but for not sharing the profits with the gym. Anyway, she stayed and reduced the size of her office from lack of clients. The story was out. She literaly drugged her athletes to be a winning coach.

The story should end here, isn’t it? In theory we all became “clean” athletes. But it’s not what happened.

I had just gotten my pro card. I was a PROFESSIONAL Figure athlete, a mere 12 months after giving birth and now knew what AAS did to my body. How hard and lean it made me look…. I only wanted more.

So about 3 weeks before my first professional show, I KNOWINGLY started a mix of Anavar, Clenbuterol and HGH. I even hid it from my husband who I knew would be against it.

I came in fifth. Fifth in a 15 pro athletes line-up.

I knew 3 weeks were not enough to made that big of a difference, but it did make a difference. I was harder and leaner, I had visible hard abs for the first time in my life.

My only concern was to get even harder and leaner for the next competition. So for the next year, I kept taking Anavar and also HGH when I could afford it. HGH is quite expensive.

Part 2, Once in the pro league, will follow next week 😉