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Protein pancakes have taken the blog world by storm these days, along with a majority of foodie articles or websites around the net boasting new protein pancake recipes. Protein pancakes are basically a health food nut’s dream answer to the ultimate childhood comfort food. I mean, who didn’t love pancakes as a kid, right? Protein pancakes are an amazing  way to indulge in this classic!

Now I’ve been around the Web looking at recipes and found that pretty much evey one add so many ingredients that it becomes recipes for pancakes all right, but not a healthy PROTEIN pancake. I’m going to share the fitness’s competitors recipe, the one you can eat pretty much up until the last month of contest preparation, it’s THAT good and healthy and soooo easy, you’ll want to make them every day.

You will need:

1/2 cup Rolled oats
1 Scoop vanilla protein powder
5 Egg whites
-Optional: Your choice of Fruits, Splenda, or flavour extract.

ingredients protein pancakes

Ingredients protein pancakes

How to make

1.  Take one scoop of vanilla protein and add to the mixer.

2014-01-26 12.40.16

2. Add 1/2 Cup of rolled oats to the mixer

.2014-01-26 12.41.41

3. Add 5 egg whites to the mixer and blend until smooth.

4. Depending on the phase or you diet, you can add fruits such as 1/2 banana, 1/2 cup blueberries, or really whatever you feel like having. If you really need to keep your carbohydrates low, just skip the fruits, and, fopr taste, add either 1 teaspoon of Splenda, ground cinnamon or any extract, I love almond and maple extract but this is really up to you.

2014-01-26 12.43.49

5. Add non stick cooking spray to a hot non-stick skillet. Once hot pour your mix in it. Don’t overcook them or they will turn dry and rubbery. You want them moist.

2014-01-26 12.46.45

 6. Just serve and enjoy.
2014-01-26 12.56.03
2014-01-26 13.07.19
If you can, it is absolutely delicious with maple butter or apple sauce, but without anything else they are simply perfect. (Nutritional info account to no fruits or sauce added)

Nutritional info (one serving, good for 2 persons)

368 calories
Protein 59.54
Carbs 27.45
Fiber 7.9g
Fat 7.85