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Many people make every excuse in the book to legitimize style selections. Comfort, apathy and affordability — these are the pleas you’ve deferred to in defense of your look. And indeed, we’ve all been guilty of an infraction at one point or another. But they’re all thinly veiled attempts at masking the master explanation: “It’s my personal style.”

In fact, it is not. Fashion is dictated by the runways and slowly trickles down to the finest boutiques, and finally to the bleakest bargain basements. Style is how you interpret those trends — even if you’re the type who claims to not care. Think your take is unique? Every ensemble started somewhere. You certainly weren’t the first to dream it up.

That being said, most of the time, “personal style” should, in my book rather be called Fashion Mistakes. So lets do a run down of the worse Fashion Mistakes:

1- Showing too much


Showing too much

There is a general rule of thumb, if we show legs, we should not show cleavage, and vice-versa. But now… when it comes to showing cleavage, How much is too much?

Let’s just keep in mind that it’s all about dressing for the occasion. A glimpse of cleavage is a classic look, but for any kind of work-related event it’s inappropriate. Stick to higher necklines that keep cleavage under wraps.

Do take care of your décolletage, the skin that covers your chest. If you’re unhappy with that area, skin brightening ointments such as Lytera or laser resurfacing may help. Saggy wrinkly skin in a very open décolletage is just plain gross.

Do go to a professional for a bra fitting. The correct bra will lift and separate your breasts, but not push them together. The cup size should be big enough so nothing spills out.

Don’t try to fit a size 8 bosom in a size 6 dress. Always buy a dress to fit the largest part of your body, then have an alterations person take it in.

Don’t show more than a maximum of three inches of cleavage (one or two inches is ideal). If you show too much you run the risk of becoming the joke of a party, or making guests feel uncomfortable… unless you want to sell yourself, after all there is no limit to the amount of cleavage you can show if your point is to sell your ASSets.



It doesn’t need explanation 😉


Still the same haircut from the 90s? Or print pants from 2000? Time to change! Incorporating a new trend into your wardrobe will instantly update your outfit. It doesn’t mean getting caught up in trends, it means EVOLUTION! Believe me, you need it.



It doesn’t need explanation 😉



Unless you are a toddler or just came back from a mission in Afghanistan, you have NO reasons to have dirty/worn-out shoes!! This is valid for heels to sneakers and anything in between!


Do you live in your tracksuit? If you feel your jeans are uncomfortable the rare time you put them on, it’s probably a sign that it’s time to resist the tracksuit!! I understand the level of comfort, but what it really looks like is that you have given up on life!




It doesn’t need explanation 😉


what not to wear.. chain over a turtle neck!!!!

what not to wear.. chain over a turtle neck!!!!

This is my personal pet-peeve, it screams CHEAP. There is even a song about it 😀