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…the world can be so mind-blowingly beautiful….

I have traveled a lot… alone, but far for lonely, I’m one of those people who needs a lot of alone time. So I have traveled all by myself, and that way I’ve met more people than I can count and found out more about me than possible by staying put.

I pity people who never leave, never travel, who never break out of their comfort zone. I challenge anyone to hit the road and not come back feeling more fortunate for what they have in their lives. And if you’re even reading this article then you’re more privileged than 92% of the world in that you can read and you have access to the internet. We should never forget that.

Eating Mango in Dominican republic

Eating Mango in Dominican republic

During the last 6 years, my travels were greatly reduced, I became a parent. It changes your priorities. I also had a spouse who was afraid to fly. Doesn’t help 😀 And leaving alone is harder now, not impossible, just logistically harder. After my divorce, I stuck to All inclusive places, mainly because I needed to rest, and as a single mother with a toddler or a preschooler, I didn’t feel like backpacking through the Alps 😀

My son just turned 7 a few weeks ago, and I’m glad to say I am now officially done with the All inclusive… I’ve caught the wanderlust bug once again. And more than anything, my son too!!

I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason. My owns voyages, besides Canada and the US, were focused on Europe and Africa. And my son is strangely fascinated by South America. He already speaks French and English and wants to learn Spanish, (he can already asks what matters to him (desserts mainly LOL) and make friends quite easily)


I quickly came to the conclusion that my ultimate goal as a parent, is to teach my child to not need me anymore, as simple as that. To give him all the tools he needs to be his own fulfilled person. Taking him all over the world with me is part of this, I am teaching him independence. Sure, he’s still travelling with me, but little by little, I am showing him that there is genuine value in experiencing the world on your own. Facing up to whatever it throws at you and coming out stronger on the other side – that’s real independence.


My top 5 destinations are as follow, I hope to discover new hidden gems soon :

            • Innsbruck, Austria, this city took my breath away, I have yet to find a more beautiful place and friendlier people. And the Beer and schnapts are BEYOND!! 😀
            • Essaouira, Morocco, this coastal city is all white and blue, I was lucky enough to arrive during Fantasia, which is a is a traditional exhibition of horsemanship in the Maghreb performed during cultural festivals and to close Berber wedding celebrations. “Fantasia” is an imported name, the actual traditional term used is lab el baroud (“the gunpowder play”). Men were riding horses on the beach, it was like I had traveled back to medieval times.
            • Scotland, thorn between 2-3 other cities, but I’ll say GlasgowI have a personal love story with Scotland, and with this city too… and specifically the Strathclyde police department… they affectionately know me as the “Canadian who keeps getting lost“.
            • Dublin, Ireland, what’s not to love? Guiness, pubs… more pubs, extremely funny and friendly people, I could move a-n-y-t-i-m-e.
            • Munich, Germany, I felt home, and even though my German failed me besides the usual polite phrasesand “Ich bin eine krankenschwester” (I’m a nurse”) WHICH I’M NOT! go figure. 

We are about leave again, although a very short trip, not in an All inclusive, but still a North American destination, very regimented and safe, and it will be the last, he knows and he’s ready for the next one… but where will it be? I’m thinking Peru, Portugal or Bali… but if you do feel like sharing your stories or travel destinations, please do so, new ideas are more than welcomed!