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Well well well… I have to say that the first week of this experiment has been a total eye opener… as well as a total fiasco!

Even though I thought I was low enough on carbs, my Precision Xtra meter told me I was fooling myself! The best reading I got was 0.6 mmol/L, which is only light nutritional ketosis. Now I’ve read it can take up to 12 days to get into real ketosis (Around 1.5 – 3 mmol/L), but I screwed it over the weekend. I have to admit nachos and beers were really amazing 😉

So I will be getting back on the Ketosis horse today…

It has also been a week of gym, 100% off, I had too much work, and I’m a bit on a life rut, the changes of light and temperature is affecting me a bit more than the previous years. So I’m really eager to see the reading difference it will make to actually combine exercise and diet. We all know it does make a huge difference, but how fast, and how big of a difference will only be answered by my daily meter readings.

Getting the Precision Xtra meter was really a great idea, I’m more than happy I did. There is a huge difference between thinking you are doing something right and actually seeing the scientific results.

I’ve also got the Ketones pee sticks, so I’m fully set to keep monitoring every step of my progress, and, well, sometimes set backs too, but at least now, I’ll know exactly what I’m doing right AND I’m doing right wrong. And this is how you truly push forward in life.

**Note: Since we just entered daylight saving time, and I can feel it affecting my mood, I will be adding 10000 IU of Vitamin D per day as well as 5000 mg of fish oil, increasing the fish oil as needed, I don’t why I sometimes stop, fish oil is a miracle supplement for me, well for every one, we’ll talk more about it next 😉