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I literally cried my eyes out watching this video.

We ALL struggle at some point in our lives and some of us actually hit rock bottom.

Not many know, I keep this part of my life very private, but between 2009 and 2011, I struggled tremendously. I’m not talking having less money, I’m talking about not knowing if I would be able to do the grocery, or if I would have enough gas in my car to go to work, so I had to take a second job, I literally swallowed my pride and worked in very shady bars at night to pay the bills. I also met very bad people in the process… You have to know that’s I’m book smart, not street smart.. and I only have school and sales experience, I don’t know how, but shady people do feel that, and THEY DO take advantage of overly trusting single moms… but that’s another story ;).

Of course, I did everything I could so my son would never one second realized how poor we were, and I did my best so my whole family would never even realize it. I’m actually proud that I was able to hide it to the majority around me. I’ll never let anyone see me struggling, NEVER, I’m too proud, some of you will say it’s too much, that’s I’m TOO proud probably, that’s it’s not a good way to react, but, hey, that’s how I am.

Bear in mind that I am a translator, I have 2 BAs and a university certificate. I’m very intelligent. I’m actually a nerd, a book-worm, who ended up working for tips because we were in a recession and I was also in the middle of a divorce and didn’t want to be the woman asking her ex husband for money.

Worse is, on top of having no money left, my self-esteem took a real blow.

That being said, that period in my life has made me more sensitive to other people’s needs. I can now literally put myself in someone else’s shoes. Of course when we are able to identify with someone’s problems, it makes us more in tune, so a single mother’s troubles, or a child not having all he needs really hits it home for me.

Now that I’m more than OK financially, I feel like it’s my duty to help the less fortunate. I could never just look and not help. And I know that asking for help is oh so, so hard.

So now, my son and I take care of struggling women and families here in Laval. We also give money to The Breakfast Club of Canada. I’m not saying others don’t need our help, but since we cannot help everyone, these are the ones we choose.

I hope all of you take a moment to realize just how blessed you are. And I hope you take time to give back. Giving back is NOT about money, it can be your time, a donation of clothes you don’t wear anymore… it can be so many things.