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Since I’m a logical person, constantly hearing about what Ketosis “felt” like was not scientific enough for me to give it real credit, or to actually start trying it myself. And being a professional fitness athlete, I know that every single detail can make or break you on stage.

So I wondered… can ketone measurement really help you lose fat and improve performance? That’s the main question I’ll be trying to answer during the next weeks as well as all the following questions that are all in the back of my mind:

  • How long does it take to get into ketosis?
  • How long does it take to get back into ketosis if you “cheat”?
  • How much or how little protein is needed?
  • Do ketogenic diets really need to be high in fat?
  • Does it matter whether you eat once a day or spread food out into several meals per day?
  • How are urine ketone levels and blood ketone levels different? Do you really need to purchase (expensive) blood ketone measuring strips or can you get by with urine strips alone?
  • Does it matter what you eat on a ketogenic diet, or is the protein/fat/calorie/carb composition the only important thing?
  • Do calories and ratios change once you are fully “keto-adapted”? [It can take at least 3 weeks for the body to completely shift from burning carbohydrates to efficiently burning fats for energy]
  • What would a healthy, whole foods (paleo diet) ketogenic diet look like?
  • How does exercise affect ketosis?
  • What are medium chain triglycerides?  Are they essential to a successful ketogenic diet? Why coconut oil is special—or is it?
  • Can heavy cream and other high-fat dairy products increase appetite or insulin levels?
  • Are supplements necessary on a ketogenic diet?
  • What side effects are associated with ketogenic diets?
  • What other health problems may benefit from ketogenic diets?

I’m all set, I’ve received my Precision Xtra meter and everything needed. I took my first readings, keep in mind that those will need to be done in the morning. Tonight is Friday and I’m going out, I expect the readings to be higher tomorrow.

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