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mox in the closet

Photo taken on mox.ingenierotraductor.com

Being a freelancer working from home, I’m often told how lucky I am that I can work in my PJs, or I’m asked how I keep from being frumpy. While it’s true that I wear a tracksuit pretty much everyday, I’m careful not to become the stereotypical mother who never gets out of it. Now don’t get me wrong, the 1rst year, that’s pretty much all I could fit in and boy was that comfy.

But see, I go to the gym almost daily, so my tracksuit is actually the normal attire for that moment of the day… but behold, if I’m to appear in public, I think it’s important that my appearance reflects the person I am. I’m sorry but you CAN judge a book by its cover.

Dressing up is also a mark of respect both for you and people around you. And let’s face it, you feel so much better in your own skin when you are well dressed.

Dressing up for the occasion

Well dressed does not mean being fancy. We will discuss that further in further posts, but if your day consist of running errands, find what works for YOU. A simple jean and a nice t-shirt always work wonders 😉

In the next months, I will help you find you own style by giving you simple, yet useful tips to feel great in your own skin and get out of that dreaded tracksuit… but I’ll also help you dress better at the gym. Let’s work on always feeling your best, and the first way to achieve this is to be comfortable in what you wear. 

Suit up!

Cheers to feeling good!