Long time without a post I know…
A lot of you know I had a change of heart about the bodybuilding world, not the fitness lifestyle, just the bodybuilding world and all its “hang-ups”.

I got tired of living in what seemed to be a fake world, where people only talked about bodies being too small or too big, and where everything else in life never seemed to matter.

As I was watching my son grow, I realized I needed to get out of that world for a while, not forever, and not stop working out at all, but just plain take a REAL break.

I took one this summer, I barely workout, gained a bit of weight but didn’t care, I was having fun with Rockwell and my friends, I had wine pretty much each day and most importantly I had a life, I went out, and had fun without only focusing on my looks or stressing because I missed a training. It’s been my first break in 10 years!!!.

I’ve refused A LOT of modeling work, I just didn’t feel like it at all but 3 weeks ago I decided to start back, called my coach (boy was he happy :D) and I’m now “back on track”.

My outlooks have changed a lot and since I don’t train for a competition, the plan now is too loose some muscles, dont worry I’ll keep the curves, but I really didn’t like the way my body was earlier this year. I never wanted to look like a bodybuilder and I was getting WAY too stocky.

I guess I finally found a balance, being fit and healthy IS important, but so is having a life đŸ˜‰

On another note, I’m also happy to say I’ve been hired to work at the Superbowl!!
I’ll be in Arlington, Texas, on February 6 2011. It makes me extra happy to cross over the sports world, not just bodybuilding, it’s going to be a new challenge! and I’m always up or a new challenge…

Stay tuned for all the details,