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Hello Friends,

I just got back from the ASC in Columbus Ohio. I was an especially great year, I got to meet great photographers and athletes, made new contacts, worked with the best team (A big thank you to everyone at Grizzly Fitness). As you can see based on the pictures below, we had a great weekend!

I also reconnected with old friends and made new ones!
It was amazing

It’s highly motivating… I’m now ready and eager, for more!!!

I’ve decided to put on my competition heels again… hé oui, I couldn’t stay away too long could I? 😉

Luckily, I’m not too far off and my off-season look is even better now than it’s ever been….

Eric is still my trainer, and probably will be for life :p Those of you who know me/him, know we were made to train together 😀

However, there is a change of plan in the food department, I’ve decided to enlist the help of another person regarding my diet/supplements program.

Mike Lemay will take care of that aspect of my prep. he is very knowledgeable and I do trust him a lot, which is a vital aspect when prepping.

I believe I’m surrounded by the best persons, we’ll rock as a team… :p

I’ll keep you posted on the developments and official dates!

Stay fit!