Well it sure has been a while since I last posted….

Two competitions later, one with (very) bad results and one with fair ones, also with two training sessions a day since last May, I have to say I’m drained of all energy, physically and mentally, the fire is not what it used to be.

Hence I’m officially announcing that after the WBFF show in Toronto in 3 weeks, I’ll be “hanging my heels”… so to speak, my husband would be very upset if I stopped wearing my regular ones 😉

I’ve made up my mind and I’m through with the whole competition world. I’d love to have a life for a change. I yearning to spend more time with family and friends, eat at the restaurant during the weekends and never feel guilty about it.
I’m also fed up of hearing people talk about being 2 or 3 pounds overweight or bitching about other competitors.
I don’t want to hear another time : her waist is too tick/thin, her boobs are too small/big, she wayyy to fat/skinny etc. or just people thinking they are so darn perfect compared to everybody else!
We should ALL be proud of one another and applaud our accomplishments

My best friend’s passing earlier this year made me realize just how short life is.

I’m not done with it recreationally, I love working out and love the body and the discipline it gave me but I’m done with the competitive aspect of it. I’ve put too many other interests off for too many years; and inflicted too many injuries to my body and people close to me to make this something I want to keep doing. I might change my mind in 2-3 years and decide to step on stage again. but for now, it’s officially over!
I want to keep the body and I know It’ll be easy, I’ll pursue that after a well deserved month off. I will be spending time in the gym but not 15+ hours a week. If you want to find me, I won’t be in the squat cage or running on the treadmill.
I’ll be outside, playing with my son!!

Let the real life begin!

Oh and just don’t tell my husband yet…. but I’d like to give my son a sibling in 2009 😉

I’d like to quote Chris, a fellow Canadian bodybuilder I respect tremendously! “competitive bodybuilding is an individual journey. You can’t learn how to compete from reading someone else’s experiences…you have to go out there, take those chances and learn for yourself. There’s no guessing or forecasting where your limitations are – you have to act to discover those, not read what others have done. So forget about what I’ve done or written about in here. Get out there and live your own bodybuilding adventure…so you can inspire and entertain the next generation.

Thank you Chris (Kimsquit)!

God bless! I’ll see you all soon with the “Real life Body Experiment”!!