I’m a truly blessed person, I seem to attract the right people, at the right time.
I believe that in life, everything happens for a reason.

During a contest prep, sometimes the worse comes out of you, you’re famished, tired & cranky… sometimes borderline psychotic!

Despite all that, I am truly fortunate to be surrounded by great people!
Beside the obvious, IE my family and Mon amie ;), there are 2 persons I’m simply in awe with and I need to say it out loud!.

These 2 are not “Yes, Yes” person, they tell it like it is! Which makes me love them even more because I know when they tell me I’m doing good they mean it!

I’m truly blessed and would love to thank them both!

….Eric and Sylvie, you’ve made this journey so much easier!
Without you two, I wouldn’t be as motivated, well I wouldn’t be here period!!

Eric, I know our journey together is just starting! I’ll make you proud I swear! Because of you I have the body I thought was out of reach! You push me like no one before!
You’re hard on me and I love it 😉

Keep calling me names or “almost an athlete” 😀 It works!

Sylvie, you give me soooo much of your time and energy, you’re making me 10 times better by telling me things like they are! I trust your judgment before anyone else’s!

You and me baby we’ll rock the stage together soon!
I’m proud to call you a friend!!