Ok so I’m guilty of not posting very often, to say the least đŸ˜€

Well I have a perfectly legitimate reason!

You see, I’ve quit one of my jobs, you would think I’d have more time, but since then, my clients have been sending me so many requests (I’m a translator), I’m almost going nuts!

I’m 15 weeks out, and training is going well, I have 2 coaches, one is Francine Savard, my competition coach from Proactif, and the other is Eric Chevrier (aka le beau Eric), my powerlifting/Olympic style lifting coach… (most fun I’ve ever had working out! I recommend it to everyone.. if you can handle it :p)

So I wanted to touch base and say I’m still alive! đŸ˜‰

Here are a few pics taken at the Arnold, where I worked at the Amino vital booths