I am 13 days away from the big competition, my energy level has dropped off tremendously, of course being sick never helps!

I am pretty cranky at this point, without the carbs in my diet it has really effected my moods!
I am looking forward to finally presenting my routine on stage and for the whole package to come together.

My trainer is very pleased with my progress, I met her for a reevaluation this morning and, after checking my posing and body fat (9.5%) …. she uttered “Josie I’m really proud of you!”
I had to fight the tears!

I never though I could get the shape I have now… not in a million years, and even less after having a baby!

Using the word proud would be an understatement of how I feel right now, and hearing Franceen, whose opinion means the world to me, pretty much made it all more than worthwhile!

So ladies, always remember that you can become whatever you want… the results are only up to you!

As a bonus, here are some random poses I will probably include in my routine