The results are in:

I’ve lost 5 % body fat in the last 6 weeks (it means that I’m at 26.1%)

I’ve lost:

Chest = -3mm
Bicep = -1mm
Abdo = – 4.5mm
Supra-illiac = -5 mm
Quads = -1.5mm
Calf = -1 mm
Subscap = -3.5mm
Tricep = -3.5 m

It’s better than I thought! Time to loose another 5% now

I’ll be happy the day I’ll get around 18% (for a normal look not a comp % obviously!)
At this percentage I’m cut but still have bumps where I’m supposed to.

This is another 8% and 20 lbs.

but …

I can hear the stage calling my name