Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Yesterday was D day IE reevaluation day.

Here are the bad news….

My rotator cuffs are almost non existent… or rather deep asleep!

BF is at 31% I was expecting the upper 30s so I guess it’s a not so bad after all…

A muscle (for which I cant remember the name) is holding me straight instead of my abs (normal after a pregnancy) so I need to work on strengthening my abs/core.

My glutes are very deep asleep! Probably on Valium of something. When I jump I can’t find my balance while landing, This was one of my strongest part before but I’ll need to work on it a lot now.

and the one good news….

I’m still quite flexible and strong…

We had a chat about my future comp. Francine, my trainer, says my body will be ready this year so to stop worrying. She says the only thing she’s worried about is the fact that as a new mom, I might not find the time to work out… and this is one thing I am not worried about!

Diet will be 5 meals a day to begin with & 3 starch daily including fish oils, flaxseed and Rhodiola

I’ll receive my program this Saturday, I’ll keep you posted!