Well this is almost it, in 7 weeks I’ll be giving birth to my son, and in about 13 weeks I’ll be back to the gym for serious lifting and will be dieting down for my next competition.

In the meantime, I celebrated my first year wedding anniversary last weekend, and, while looking at pictures, starting laughing out loud at the physical difference a year could make.

I mean I am twice my size! As joke I created this for my hubby, asking him if he still wanted to be married, lucky me his answer is still yes đŸ˜‰

**Warning VERY disturbing pictures below!**

I can’t wait to be back in the Fitness world, the goal this time will be to prove that a new mother can find the time to be in shape and lose the baby fat quickly all the while be healthy for herself and her new baby! (and sexy for her hubby of course!)

I hope you will be following my new journey!