All of you who know me, know how crazy I am about technology!

Well I just found the absolute best gizmo for jogging!

I’m already a huge fan of both Apple’s and Nike’s products but I never thought this could be made!

The Nike + iPod Sport Kit is a thumb-size transmitter that fits into your shoe and a thumb-size receiver that connects to an iPod nano.

Nike’s line of NikePlus shoes has a cavity in the left midsole that cradles the transmitter.

Now you’re ready to run. With each step you take, your foot lands on the transmitter and wirelessly sends messages to your iPod nano, whose screen shows you how far you’ve run, how fast you’re running and how many calories you’ve burned. Before your first workout, run at least a quarter-mile to calibrate the Sport Kit to your stride. The system is fairly accurate.

Every mile, a voice announces your pace and distance, and between announcements, you can press a button on your nano to hear how you’re doing.

One of my favorite features of the new Nike+iPod Sport Kit is the Power Song. You press and hold the center button of your iPod at any time during your workout to instantly skip to to your pre-selected power song — the song that gets your blood pumping and clears your mind of any doubts or distractions, pushing you toward the finish line.

After your run, you connect the nano to your computer, and your workout data feeds your account at Up pops a bar chart for every day you’ve run. The higher the bar, the farther you’ve run. Holding your cursor over a bar reveals the distance you ran on that date, how fast you ran in miles per hour, how many calories you burned and how long you ran. When you click on that bar, another chart opens that indicates your speed at each point in the run. A red dot shows at what point in the run your Power Song kicked in. Every time you connect youriPod to the site, you’re building your running history.

What could be easier?!