I wrote a letter today to the responsible of Life Network’s show X-Weighted.

For those of you who dont’ know, this new show X-Weighted aired an episode about this fellow Canadian trying to lose weight.

This episode followed a woman called Kendra, trying to lose weight for the usual reasons (to fit a dress, blah, blah) and to save her marriage, to a husband who already seemed more than fed-up!

While the show itself is interesting, I really, really wished they had done a follow-up at the, say, 6 months to a year later.

That woman wouldn’t eat carbs (not even carrots) because “carbs” are bad! (Here’s a notion, stop taking nutrition advice from the daily news, and fad mags, ok?). And she wouldn’t eat healthy at all, eating a mere 800 calories a day.

She took up running, and yes, lost weight. But – it would have been useful to see her down the road. You can’t eat no carbs and live on 800 calories forever.

Yes, that’s unrealistic. Yes you will gain the weight back at some point and more when you do eat, and then who knows what damage you do to your system in the mean time.

Any runner will tell you they live on carbs. Good, complex, grain-filled carbs and solid protein.

She either was miscounting her calories (and people do, constantly) or she’ll run herself into the ground, plain and simple.I absolutely applaud her first trainer (Oh, I forgot her name, bad me if you happen to know, please email me!) for leaving because of what Kendra was doing to herself. That trainer could have easily stayed, just to be on television.
But she left nonetheless, refusing to train, let that woman eat as unhealthy as she was, and even refused to hear Kendra complaining unhappily about slow, steady progress instead of bowing to Kendra’s “I want it now!” syndrome.Weight loss doesn’t happen overnight. And steady progress on the slow side is better than 50lbs lost, 60lbs gained because your body finally says “Feed me dammit”.

I really wished the show had been more in-depth, rather than leaving it at the “Hey, I lost weight and inches! Yeah!” part and left viewers to believe that it is ok to eat 800 calories a day!