This post is pretty much a note to my worried self. Since I’m the only one who I can talk to about those fears and insecurities of becoming a fat and out of shape slob.

“This lifestyle is not easy. It takes consistent, disciplined, dedicated effort and sacrifice. It takes planning and focus. Most of all it takes a never-say-die attitude and the balls to keep on keeping on even during those periods when you make no progress.

And I can’t eat crap while hoping to build (or regain) the body of my dreams. I have to eat clean, even while pregnant and I’ll need to plan my meals and prepare them in advance.

If that’s too much trouble for me to stop whining about the lard that will be glued to my butt during those 9 month and if I’m not willing to commit to this lifestyle and do what it takes, then I should do you all a favour and take up stamp collecting.”

That’s it!