Well good week everyone!

I hope you’ve had a better weekend that I did.

It seems like as soon as I cheat (my official cheat that is) I gain twice as what I have lost during the previous week. Therefore I feel I am no making any progress.

Also, I’m two weeks late in getting a new program, since my trainer was probably too busy to return my calls/see me. I’m a bit concerned!

I have my reevalution this Thursday, therefore will only have my new program new week, which makes me about 3 weeks late in starting a new program.

I was at the gym with my hubby Saturday and while I was doing my SmithPress, a man approached me and started telling me to use a wide grip… not even knowing what my training is.

When I firmly told hi “No!” he said “Oh, you’re not able to?” (!!!!!!!) To which I gently replied, “I’m training for something specific, your wide grip might be good for YOU but this is NOT what I am doing!”

I tired of people not minding their own business (IE like one magician I know ;-))
My husband, who was spotting me, was also very upset!

…I need to live alone on an island!