Happy New Year everyone! (still in January, therefore I can still say it)

I had to take some time off from the fitness/training world and focus on anything else for about a month, having meet with my trainer… and fully motivated…

I’m now ready for some more!

In retrospection, I think the year 2005 was a great one for me. I traveled, got engaged, then married, competed and bought a new home.
Now I’m exhausted… but I took time to reflect on the past and also turn my eyes on the future…There are a few things I’m sure I’d love to achieve this year.

  • Having a little Poteet
  • Having a decent home gym
  • Either compete again or just have a “near comp” shape
  • Have a Chihuahua (nothing to do with training but I’m just dying to have one!!)

The other comp (before having a little Poteet?) would be on July 8th so it leaves me 5 months 2 weeks and 2 days to get ready… I’m just dwelling on whether or not I want to be on stage again or just in awesome shape… one day it’s one, the other day it’s the other.
Stage and shape or shape alone… decisions, decisions!

I have gained 7 pounds of lean body mass in the last year and I am at 20% BF right now (I know I know I splurged) so if I do decide to step on stage again, I’ll have to lose at least 11 to 13% body fat ( I competed at 10% last time and felt too fat)

I know I can do it… just need to make sure I want to do it…